Promm, Inc.
Reimagining the Way Restaurants Connect with Gastronomy Lovers

The Idea

The main idea behind Promm was to create a reliable and youthful environment between grocery stores and potential customers.

We were obsessed about how young people love going to pubs with friends instead of going to dance clubs. So, we started to study how we could offer some technology tools to this activity.

We began to notice that it was kind of difficult for a pub to "spread the world" about what it was offering to customers given a certain time. The people responsible to carry on this job always encountered with two options: social media like Facebook and Twitter, and by notices on the pub's street. It didn't exist a platform, like we wanted, especially designed for grocery stores. Then, we started to sketch an entirely new tool for that!: a beautiful product where pubs could express and connect instantly with young people, and spread what them were offering today.

We thought: "let's do this!".

The Work

I began to sketch and prototype some of the product main activities... and enjoyed it a lot!

At first, we had no idea what we were doing, but because we had no clue about how the product was going to look like, or what capabilities it was going to offer. So, we started to brainstorm and draw sketches a lot!. Finally, we got to a point where be conclude to a minimal first version of our new project.

Four Computer Science students, including me, formed the group. We divided the tasks in the best way we could, considering the product had two separate platforms: web and Android.

From the first moment, we knew we wanted a product rich in user experience and design, and reliability. This was our first concern; and we took it seriously.

We came up with a cool first version. And we were really proud about it!.

Launch Time!

Once we had our prototype working, it was time for launch. But we were missing somethings, some pretty big things: money to get our server running, advertising, and a lot more. Then, we started to convince some venture capitalists for founding, and we found some investing. It was huge money for us, even though it was practically nothing.

Once we had some money to put our product on rails, we started to go after pubs' managers... but no-one seemed to like Promm.

It was a terryfing summer: all the things we've developed were about to going to the trash. But, little by little, pubs started to interest about what we were creating and the idea behind Promm; so we had our first couple of stores, and it felt truly amazing!. We could not belive people started to use our product: first pubs accounts began to register.

Later, one day in January of 2016, we finally announced Promm to our friends, and uploaded the App to Google Play.

The first months of Promm were unbelievable!

Friends, family members, professors at Collage, and more, began to feel interest about our product and started to spread the word about it. We even appeard at newspapers, like this one, and radios. Somewhere, we were called the "Gourmet Foursquare".

Pubs in Rosario, Argentina, started to paste Promm stickers at their doors. We were really amazed!

Problems, of course...

Even though, the beginning of Promm was amazing, we had to face some difficulties: we haven't had a so-called "business plan", and pubs' managers started to feel a lack of interest about Promm.

It was sad because we had, what we thought, cool features undeveloped at that time.

We didn't give up so easily.

To make the story short: at last, we realized that we have not found the right place in the market that we thought some day we could own; sadly.


Promm was an ambicious project entirely developed and designed by four College students. It was our first "public" project, and we loved what we were doing. And, most important, we were, and we are, proud of what we have accomplished, even though all the difficulties we faced along the way, like the lack of investment, and time, just to name a few.

It was my first time leading a project, and was kind of obsessed with the idea behind Promm. I tried everythig I could, every day, to make Promm a better product. Along the way we learned a lot about many things: new technologies, product management, and more. And, after all, that's what we wanted!

I hope Promm can be considered as a source of inspiration to projects to come.